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  • Offers professional training seminars and lectures from experts in fields directly affecting internationalization.
  • Provides both private and public sectors a single point of contact for universities across Asia and the Pacific.
  • Connects universities to the leading edge of innovation through partnerships with incubation centres.
  • Helps streamline internationalization by providing professional assistance and international contacts with other members.
  • Provides a platform to globalize student and staff camps, contests, competitions, exchanges, specialty training and research.
  • Establishes partnerships and networks among member universities
  • Promotes faculty and student exchange

AUAP’s Activities and Goals

  • Exchange of professional experience through conferences, seminars, publications, and commissions.
  • Recognize the need to relate education to the life and aspirations of the people.
  • Preserve and enhance the cultural, social and economic development of society for the people.
  • Contribute substantially to regional cooperation among university members to the improvement of national systems of higher education, economic and social development, human resources development and to mutual understanding and respect among people.
  • Achieve highly effective co-operation on a regional scale.
  • Sponsor joint research projects.
  • Co-sponsor seminar, workshop, symposia and conferences.
  • Facilitate consultancy services
  • Organize training programs such as WFUNA and CGNK
  • Draw upon the diversity of the institutions and systems of higher education of Asia and the Pacific which together constitute a valuable resource
  • Enhance mutual co-operation among industrial institution and enrich their role in teaching, research and services.
  • Promote justice, human dignity, progress and peace.
  • Complement those of international, sub-regional and national bodies concerned with higher education.
  • Promote a culture of quality and innovation in higher education, research and service to the community.
  • Preserve and enhance the values and cultural diversity of Asia Pacific towards better understanding and cooperation for socioeconomic development and (universal) peace.
  • Engage with stakeholders of the higher education and other organizations to further the objectives of AUAP.
  • Promote peace and international understanding through education.
  • Facilitate scholarships such as the ERASMUS Programme
  • Publish the AUAP Newsletter