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Membership Benefit

Benefits of Joining AUAP

Here are just a few other reasons to join the AUAP family:

  • Get access to world class excellence and quality through academic endeavors and exchanges, professional training and the skilling for students
  • Promote your University in the global platform
  • Enhance Global leadership
  • Capacity building of university staff and the management teams.
  • Create academic partnership across the Asia-Pacific region & beyond.
  • Get world class knowledge repository and outreach to greatly enhance the reach and reputation of your institution
  • Peer-review through our Quality Assurance and Rating Task Force
  • Innovation & Incubation: join the AUAP Science & Technology Incubation and Transfer Center
  • Exchange and industry immersion programs, international competitions and cultural exchanges & sports activities
  • Summer and Winter Programs for Cross-Cultural learning activities
  • Industry Academia Collaboration
  • Professional training seminars and lectures from experts in fields directly affecting internationalization.
  • Connect your university to the leading edge of innovation through partnerships with incubation centers.
  • Help streamline internationalization by providing professional assistance and international contacts with other members.
  • Avail of Research Grants & scholarships
  • Share the value of success & best practices